Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Designing an Alexa Skill From Scratch

I still have yet to name the skill that I will create for Amazon’s Alexa, but my goal is to have Alexa read aloud something nice that someone can do for another person during their day and keep track if their goal is completed. Some of the main things that this project will need would be a list of different goals that people will have every day. My mentor Mark Carpenter suggested I make a list of different goals specific to a day and use a database so that all users will have the same goal every day, and also giving me a better way to personalize the goals that fall on holidays. There most likely will be no intent schema and I’ll be using the Amazon default one. I know that I have a plan to incorporate a card showing you the goal that you have for the day.
Amazon brings into play what they call “sample utterances” which makes you think of every possible way that the skill will be called some examples I thought of were: “ask for todays goal", "what's 's challenge of the day", "tell me <skill name's> daily goal", and so on. This will be one of the two skills I want to make for Alexa. The other one I'll blog about later, but for now this is giving me a lot to go on, and as always I'll keep the blog updated with any successes or challenges that arise when creating this skill!

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