Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Experience at Bloc

I first started my coursework at Bloc in the month of March and have been focusing on the Rails Web Development portion of the Software Engineering track that I signed up for. My mentor Mark Carpenter is a great joy to talk to. He’s very helpful and sends out tons of great resources once a week in a newsletter he creates.
When I first started at Bloc I had no real knowledge of how Ruby worked and I felt like I struggled to get the concepts down. When I really master one portion of the course and move onto another concept I always feel like I get to take on another challenge. Yes I think that learning these new concepts is on the hard side of things, but in the same breath I didn’t expect any of this to be easy. In honesty I like the challenge of figuring something new out. There are times I get too stuck and I’ll ask for help, but for the most part I try to look at every problem from different angles until I can come up with a viable solution.
So far my experience at Bloc has been very positive and I feel like I made a great decision starting to take classes here and I look forward to what challenges I will face further into the course.

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