Tuesday, August 30, 2016

First Post

I’m not too sure what to write on here. I don’t usually write blog posts, so this is a bit change for me. I’ll start with what got me into wanting to learn how to program. Back when I first got out of high school I opted to take classes at a private institution here in San Diego called Platt College. Platt was a graphic design, web development, and 3-D animation school. Platt was really a great school and I learned very much from my time there. Unfortunately the cost of staying at the school was just too much and I had to take my leave in 2013. Before I left Platt I was able to take a really great class with one of the best teachers I’ve ever had, Fred Winton. The class that I took was a simple HTML and CSS class to better familiarize myself on how a website functioned. After that class I changed my mind from being a 3-D animator to being a programmer. I joined my local community college as to not lose momentum on my studies and took as many classes as I could on how to program.
During my time at community college I took classes ranging from Java and C++ to introductory classes in Javascript and PHP web languages. Every class I took was such a joy and I really wanted to pursue a career in the field further, so I set off to find out different places that would meet my needs for a major. I eventually stumbled upon Bloc a couple months after my search and am currently enrolled in the software engineer track.

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